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Janki (Saree)

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Janki (Saree)

Rs. 16,800.00

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Mrinal SareeMrinal Saree

Mrinal (Saree)

Rs. 11,550.00
kiran sareekiran saree

Kiran (Saree)

Rs. 11,550.00
Uttara (Saree)Uttara (Saree)

Uttara (Saree)

Rs. 12,810.00
Sonpari (Saree)Sonpari (Saree)

Sonpari (Saree)

Rs. 9,800.00

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Kopal (Saree)Kopal Saree

Kopal (Saree)

Rs. 9,800.00
nirvi (saree)Nirvi Saree

nirvi (saree)

Rs. 19,215.00
Saahiba (Saree)Saahiba (Saree)
Sold out

Saahiba (Saree)

Rs. 11,655.00
Abitha (Saree)Abitha Saree
Sold out

Abitha (Saree)

Rs. 9,800.00

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jasmine sareejasmine saree

Jasmine (Saree)

Rs. 8,895.00
Isabella SareeIsabella Saree

Isabella (Saree)

Rs. 8,895.00
Zara (Saree)Zara (Saree)

Zara (Saree)

Rs. 8,895.00
Akshi SareeAkshi (Saree)

Akshi (Saree)

Rs. 5,999.00

Sanjeevni by Sanduk

Sanjeevni is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. Each piece of this collection is a reflection of hope, determination, and the power to bring life back from darkness. A unique amalgamation of rich and renowned work by artisans from different states and cities, this collection promises to dazzle you by its exquisite sarees and lehengas. Let's revive and add vibrancy to our lives with Sanjeevni!