Our Story:

Sanduk reminds us of an old rustic trunk that has a charm of its own. For our Founder Sakshi, it is extra special: Her Sanduk is full of memories.

As a child playing in the veranda of her old house, she always used to hide in her Amma Ka Sanduk’ (Grandmother's trunk). Being a curious child at heart, she used to open Sanduk with excitement to look for those extra special fabrics and sarees of her Amma. She used to play dress-up, running around her house in a saree to show it to her Amma all the time. Amma used to tell her the story of that pure old fabric and how it was woven.

Every nook & corner of an Indian household tells us such stories. Stories of the rich tradition of weaving and karigiri, mastered over generations by artisans of the highest caliber. When a weaver weaves, he weaves not only a piece of cloth but also a story. One of careful craftsmanship, and the labor of love.

At Sanduk, we celebrate the weaving art of Banaras and its rich cultural heritage. Our skilled artisans weave timeless Banarasi sarees that narrate stories of India's tradition and culture. We are committed to reviving and acknowledging the weaving art of Banaras, which has been passed down for generations. When you buy a product from Sanduk, you are not just buying a product, you are taking with you a part of the story along, which you can pass down for generations to come.

We welcome and thank you for being a part of the Sanduk Family.

We would love to see you wearing a Sanduk outfit. Tag us on our social media handles, and we would love to share it with the world.

Founder: Sakshi Goel

As a child, she was very fond of her grandmother's & mother's old sarees and fabrics in their old rustic Sanduk (trunk). She was always curious to listen to the weaving stories of those special fabrics. She was sure that once she grow up she would open her clothing line but social norms made her walk on a different path. She wore many faces just to please her loved ones and hide her desire of opening her clothing line from society, she thought her dreams are unachievable until she started her career as a brand manager. She realized she love working on brands and she love telling her brand story. She believes in creating a brand that not only cures the pain point of the customers but also gives them a story that they would cherish for a lifetime.

Life was exciting & comfortable while working for 8 long years in various Pharmaceutical companies like Cipla, Lupin, and Wockhardt. She was rising to success by bagging awards one after another. Being a senior brand manager she always had a very curious and growth-driven mindset. She was called a highly aggressive, confident, and passionate working professional. She always considered her brand as her own child, nourished it with love and dedication. But somehow deep in her heart, she was unhappy, she knew that she wanted to build her brand.

She kept her dreams on hold for almost 4 years. But this pandemic made her realise that life is short and one should take the chance to work on their dream. She finally decided to quit her corporate job and start her venture- Sanduk, which weaves not only clothes but also stories of our rich Indian culture and heritage.

Mother-Daughter duo

Our director, Seema Goel has a deep interest in handwoven fabrics and sarees. She has the expertise to identify the best & purest fabrics. She believes in wearing Sarees that she can pass down to the generations to come. A postgraduate in Hindi literature she always wanted to pursue a career in the field of Hindi literature and writing but due to responsibilities, she surrendered herself to the social burden. Her daughter, Sakshi always wanted her mother to do something which add meaning to her knowledge and expertise. During the pandemic, Sakshi got time to stay with her mother. The Mother-daughter duo used to make Saree social media videos. The daughter realised that her mother is very happy discussing and talking about Saree. It was 2 am at the night, Sakshi got an idea and she woke up her mother to discuss it with her & that's How Sanduk was born.

Sakshi's closeness to her city: There was one more dream Sakshi always had. She wanted to do something for her city - Muzaffarnagar and Varanasi. She wanted to create opportunities and share the work of the local artisans with the world.

Come and be part of the Sanduk Family.

Thank you for reading.