Maa Ka Gehna

Today I asked Maa for her necklace. I love that necklace of hers. She gave it to me with much excitement. This necklace of hers is not of pure Gold, but the shine of this necklace is still the same as it was 20-25 years back.
When I wore it and saw myself in the mirror, I got lost in the time when my father gifted this necklace to my mother. He gifted this to Maa when he just started his business and at that time he was not able to gift her the real gold because of the other priorities in life. My parents were worried about saving money for the future rather than spending it on them.
Maa used to tell me that she will buy for herself later and she wants to save money for the future of her children.
They were right at their place, but somehow this thinking never resonated with me.
I am a person who lives in the present and I only think about what's there in the present, but that doesn't mean that I don't save money for the future. I save the way I want, the bare minimum amount I can survive on in the future.
A tear dropped from my eyes thinking about the nostalgic memories and suddenly my focus shifted to the current moment.
I thought today Maa has so many clothes and gold jewelry to wear. She can design it and flaunt it the way she wants to but the desire has gone now. Age has taken over her, and now she feels that it is not the right age to wear all these.
So here are my thoughts on this:
No one is aware of what the future holds for them, then why does everyone keep saving for the future by limiting their needs and desire for the present.
Tomorrow I might not be able to wear this heavy jewelry or clothes, I might not have that much stamina or desire left, so with this thinking of mine, I never kill my desire. I do whatever I want and buy whatever I desire to buy.
Because Maa only told me : Kaal kare so aaj kar..aaj kare so ab....