Amma Ka Kamra

 Here I am sharing a picture of a Vintage Mirror.


This picture is close to my heart because the story behind this picture immerses me in different kinds of emotions. 

Sometimes it brings a smile to my face & sometimes my heart aches with pain.

Life is full of challenges and it is not perfect, and it can never be. Like this mirror in the picture, life has its own scars. Every day we see ourselves in a mirror, and we desire that perfection. 

This is a 50-year-old mirror and belongs to my Amma (grandma)

Like every household, we also have one dedicated room for my Amma called "Amma Ka Kamra".

This mirror is in that room for all those years. My father always made sure that we sleep in our grandma's room so that she never feels alone. I didn't even realize when I grew up and left that room to seek my dreams in Mumbai.

Every time I used to go to my hometown, the first thing I used to do was to visit Amma in her room and then see myself in this mirror - searching for that little Sakshi.

In 2015, my grandma passed away, my heart ached every single time I visited her room. There was a void that could not be filled.

I never realized earlier that I loved her so much.

 It has been difficult to search for that little Me in that mirror since then.

This time when I visited my hometown, I brought this mirror to my room. I stared at it for hours and still couldn't get the answer - Why do I look the best in this mirror?